Imagine having your offer being immediately reached out to 5 million people within 5 minutes? That is the power of social media. That is the exponential reach and growth that we are talking about. The world has evolved from mailers to the click of ‘Share’& ‘Retweet’. Online opinion leaders are the ones who make and break trends. Today, in India, more than 50 million people are hooked onto the internet. Conversations are happening all over the web and it is unto us to create an impactful image of your brand in the digital space. In this age of information, Content is KING and viral marketing is the key!

And so we call ourselves the story-tellers, engaging our audience in content they like to share which tactfully meets the brand’s strategic objectives. We create & crowd-source stories that are rooted in purpose, shaped by insights and unbound by channel.

Our Strategy: We use a step by step approach working in sync with the client to deliver the desired results.

With the sizeable shift from commerce to e-commerce, Digital is not just a support medium anymore. Google is now a verb amongst the Gen-next and if you can’t “Google it” it does not exist. Our SEO technicians ensure that your website is at the top of the search list. And while it’s at the top we also ensure it looks bloody stunning. Our confidence comes from the technically proficient infrastructure we possess. Our team of developers have designed personalised software that aids in the efficiency of SEO management. Thus we can boast of being one of the best SEO service providers in the country.

Being a full service digital firm we have the aesthetics and technological prowess to conceptualise a 360 º digital campaign and execute it effortlessly. We design & conceptualise plans integrating the mediums of mobile, gaming, applications, online advertising & social media that would derive the desired benefit for your brand.

Design is making beauty out of a necessity. It’s not just a specialization but a competitive approach to be innovative, inspiring and impactful. We take design as an integrated element of your brand. A good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual.

Our designers not only have a good aesthetic sense but are great conceptualisers. Our clutter- breaking, creative and impactful designs have been well-acknowledged by our clients.

“PR refers to everything involved in achieving a favourable opinion." - George F. Meredith

With the high levels of noise present in the market, it becomes important for a brand to be endorsed by mediums most trusted by the audience. Even with high levels of digital penetration, the newspaper is a part of everyone’s daily routine. A detailed article about your brand in the newspapers creates a high level of credibility in the minds of the consumer. We need not elaborate on the power of media. The challenge is how often your brand can be covered by media especially in a highly positive & desired manner. This is where we step in. We analyse your brand and plan a communication strategy to meet the brand’s objectives. With the media relations that we have built over the years, we consistently strive to derive maximum coverage for our clients.

Brand is a perception; we take the challenge to motivate the target audience to perceive a brand in a positive, desired manner. We play a major role in establishing and shaping those perceptions.

“A good corporate image can take years to build and only a moment to destroy”

When you have something awesome and want the world to know you “SHOUT” and it better be loud and clear!

Advertising is all about showing off your brand and enticing the audience to opt for it. We make sure that along with imparting the key information we keep your audience entertained through our advertisements. Because if something has entertained you enough it will forever be etched in your memory. Of course it’s not just about being creative but also effective. Thus we ensure that your message is strategically derived. Because a single well-communicated thought can transform the way millions think.

A picture speaks a thousand words, but a beautifully shot photograph can mesmerize you!

That’s the power of good photography… keeping your TG spellbound. We have professional & experienced photographers on board who will bring your product alive. Being a design studio, we understand the final applications of a photoshoot, hence we take the final designs into consideration while conceptualizing the photoshoot.

Having conceptualized in 2007, White Pixels boasts an eclectic exposure of 7 years in the Digital marketing & promotions industry. With our experienced & efficient team we have compiled a portfolio comprising of some of the most creative & path - breaking concepts in the state. With an idea to share our knowledge & expertise to uplift the standard of human resource in our nation, we launched the training institute. We endeavour to train students with substantial practical exposure to make them Industry-ready & efficient.


  1. Website Designing
  2. PHP
  3. Core Java
  4. Advance Java
  5. Internet Marketing- [SEO + SMM+ Online Advertising]

Duration & Fee Structure

6 weeks Program
Duration: 6 weeks
Schedule: Monday to Friday

6 months Program
Duration: 6 months
Schedule: Monday to Friday

Why Choose us?

  • Industry Know-how
    Having been in the industry for around a decade we have garnered the expertise of delivering quality services as per industry requirements. The students will be imparted with the knowledge & skill-set, matching the needs of the current industry requirement.
  • Faculty
    Faculty with industry experience & qualification will be training the students giving them an insight into the exact job description & requirements, hence training them appropriately.
  • Live Projects
    Students will be given a practical exposure through live projects. They will be made to work upon the company’s client projects with active participation in brainstorming sessions.
  • Case Studies
    Students will be given a deeper perspective into industry problem-solution approach through real-life case-studies.
  • Placement Opportunity
    After completion of their training programs, some of the students will be absorbed by the company itself based on their performance. Others will be tried in placed in other companies around the city.